USA tourists attacked with acid in France

BREAKING: Four tourists have 'acid thrown in their faces' outside train station

BREAKING: Four tourists have 'acid thrown in their faces' outside train station

Four female American tourists had acid thrown in their faces by a woman at a French train station, Reuters reported Sunday. All four of the women were hospitalized.

A police spokeswoman told USA Today that the suspect did not yell any out any terror-linked threats.

The spokeswoman did not release any further details about the victims or the suspect.

She added that officials could not be completely certain that there were no terror links at such an early stage of the investigation.

Fourteen firefighters arrived to the station four emergency vehicles after the incident at 11am. She requested anonymity in keeping with fire department protocol.

The women were travelling between Marseilles and Paris when the incident took place. No information is available at this time as to where in the US the tourists are from. She said a 41-year-old female suspect has been arrested.

One of the two women was suffering from partial loss of vision. Paris prosecutor Francois Molins told reporters the two suspects "were getting ready to carry out an imminent, violent action" on French territory. He told police he acted for the sake of the Islamic State gathering.

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