Yes, talk about climate change after storms

Ahead of storm Florida jobless rate dipped slightly again

Ahead of storm Florida jobless rate dipped slightly again

When the topic involves climate change, it's more than a hot subject; it's an explosive one, and getting a decision hard. However, in many cases it was not necessarily major storms that caught our attention, for in 2012 it was Sandy that struck New Jersey and NY causing such damage and alerting people to the likelihood of landfall of a major hurricane striking a large coastal city, such as Miami.

So far this season there have been 11 named storms-Arlene to Katia, 6 hurricanes-Franklin, Gert, Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia, 3 major hurricanes, at least Category 3 -Harvey, Irma, Jose, and 2 major hurricane landfalls on USA mainland-Harvey in Texas, and Irma in Florida.

However, there have been a lot of major hurricanes recently, which are Category 3, 4 and 5. Fortunately, Austin is far enough inland that it was only minimally influenced by the ravages of Hurricane Harvey. The Daily Camera should seize the opportunity to be a reporting leader on the connection between costly weather disasters and climate change so Colorado residents can take steps to mitigate climate change and keep intensified weather events from reaching into our wallets!

While we can expect an increase in hurricane intensity as a result of rising ocean temperatures, how to interpret this result to one specific hurricane turns out to be very different.

It would be wonderful, as some officials in Raleigh and Washington seem to believe, that not talking about global warming would protect us from its dangers. The prospect of increasingly powerful hurricanes only makes such short-term solutions even more shortsighted. In June, President Trump, who before he was elected called global warming a "Chinese hoax", announced that the USA would pull out of the Paris global climate change agreement. The latest climate assessment by government scientists sheds light on the topic of climate change and hurricanes.

Some research has indicated that the change in global climate could lead to a shift of the jet stream behaviors over North America. But Pruitt is sitting on the report because there is apparently never a time he wants people thinking about climate change. "And, of course, when Harvey hit, it was the first hurricane that had hit in 12 years". This is because these extremes are signals of climate changes that can be distinguished from day-to-day variations.

I suspect that our area had little advance warning that Hurricane Hazel was headed our way. These intense hurricanes leave everyone drained, but there is more.

What has also revealed itself is the propensity to rank the responses of governors to hurricanes over recent decades against one another. "You can see the effects of climate change with your own eyes, and scientists tell us clearly the way forward". However, these are very hard to quantify in the context of climate change due to the different time scales between hurricane development - measured on the order of days and weeks - and climate change, which occurs over decades. Better understanding of hurricane-climate relation is needed, as ultimately that knowledge can help serve society.

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