YouTube Cracks Down on External Video Links

YouTube is cracking down on Patreon links

YouTube is cracking down on Patreon links

It could be because of how, as previously mentioned, money made from ad revenue for videos featuring Nintendo content by creators not approved by the Program all goes to Nintendo, whereas money made from videos made by approved creators goes partially to the creators, so Nintendo could be hoping that they'll make more money by restricting some form of videos to only those who can't make money off those videos. Creators will have the option of either only registering individual videos, or streaming from channels not associated with the program.

"We have updated the Nintendo Creators Program User Guide with how revenue generated during live stream broadcasts on YouTube will be handled in the Nintendo Creators Program", reads an email sent by Nintendo to registered creators.

Nintendo has a longstanding poor reputation with the YouTube community, and the latest change to their Nintendo Creators Program may harm that relationship even more.

YouTube has tightened its rules over linking to external sites. At the time, the Nintendo Creators Program was panned by the YouTube community, with many members expressing concern about the approval process, and how the amount they can earn on their videos or channels is subject to change.

The Nintendo Creators Program, which was launched in 2015, allows YouTubers to receive a portion of advertising proceeds from any videos containing Nintendo-copyrighted content. Its first suggestion is that streamers do so under a separate account that is not registered to the Creators Program.

Video creators could set up a separate YouTube channel that's registered to the program and let it be a dedicated place for live streaming Nintendo games. A user has to have 10 000 public channel views before monetising their videos, and it isn't available globally (though, admittedly, it does reach 97 countries). It's being speculated that this might have been Nintendo's response to the recent controversy involving Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), as pointed out by Game Rant. Unfortunately, it looks like Nintendo is about to butt heads with content creators once again, as it outlaws monetised live streaming. This will be true regardless of whether creators want to monetize these streams or not.

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