Aarushi Talwar murder case: Parents win murder appeal

5 murder cases that shook the nation

5 murder cases that shook the nation

One of the family members of Talwar said they are relieved and grateful to god for the verdict announced by Allahabad High Court, that has acquitted Rajesh and Nupur Talwar of double murder charges in the Aarushi murder case on Thursday. Aarushi was found murdered in her bedroom in the flat in Jal Vayu Vihar On May 16, 2008. In an immediate reaction, Aarushi's grandfather BG Chitnis told Times Now that he always believed that Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar were innocent.

Defence in High Court: There was a friendly entry.

Rajesh was first arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Police on May 23, 2008 after which he was lodged at Dasna Jail and let off on July 11, 2008. The CBI team had evidence that there were other people in the house that night: there were three liquor bottles in Hemraj's room. As for Rajesh Talwar's golf club - the one that had supposedly been "cleaned' (and was, therefore, the weapon of offence) - was not the one that the prosecution presented in court as the weapon". Therefore giving the benefit of doubt to the Talwars, the trial court judgment has been overruled.

Hemraj's throat was also slit and there were wounds on his head.

Both Nupur Talwar and Rajesh Talwar were found guilty of murdering Aarushi and the helper of the house Hemraj.

The CBI said it would study the high court order and decide its future course of action.

Jail sources said the couple were likely to walk free tomorrow. But, to the surprise of the police, his body was found another day on the terrace of the building in a locked room.

Vijay Shanker, who was the CBI Director in 2008 when CBI took over the Aarushi-Hemraj double murder stated that "destruction of evidence started the moment the crime was committed and continued".

Well that's nearly a decade and not enough time for CBI and Indian police to clear the murder case of a 14 year old, some twitteratis felt.

The HC, while upholding the appeals by the Talwars against the Ghaziabad CBI court order sentencing them to life imprisonment on November 26, 2013, said that as per the circumstances and the evidence on record, the dentist couple could not be held guilty. "That is a question for this countrys investigating agencies to answer", she said.

Calling CBI's doubt of Rajesh being the murderer as baseless, the parents opposed the closure of case. The Allahabad High Court also refused to quash criminal proceedings against the Talwars. They had later appealed the decision.

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