Apple Releases iOS 11.0.3 With Audio and Haptic Feedback Fix [Download]

Fake iOS Password Prompt

Fake iOS Password Prompt

Keep one thing in mind explicitly: the downgrade process will erase your iPhone or iPad completely, therefore make a backup of everything using iTunes or iCloud.

Worryingly, the side-by-side comparisons of an official iOS popup and a phishing copy are impossible to distinguish between, so we'd have just plonked our password straight into the sweaty palms of a hacker without even realising it.

If the dialog and the app are still visible, then it's a system dialog. Krause also shares a tip on how to tell if it is a phishing attempt, and all users have to do is press the home button when they receive the popup.

"This could easily be abused by any app..."

Check out Felix Krause's blog for the full explanation of the flaw.

According to Krause, "Showing a dialog that looks just like a system popup is super easy, there is no magic or secret code involved, it's literally the examples provided in the Apple docs, with a custom text". "Even users who know a lot about technology have a hard time detecting that those alerts are phishing attacks". In the event the app closes along with the popup, it was a phishing attack, but where the app and password prompt remain on screen, it's a legitimate request.

Apple launched the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus at the GUM department store in Moscow on September 29.

If you input your password into one of the fake boxes, the attacker could steal it and use it to access your credit card information.

Mobile security researcher Will Strafach posted the capability-known as "entitlement"-to Twitter, describing its presence in the app's code as "very unusual". Krause has also reached out to Apple and recommended that they fix it, but whether or not they do is another story.

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