Colin Kaepernick Refutes Report That He'd Stand for Anthem in NFL Return

Vice President Mike Pence in Las Vegas

Vice President Mike Pence in Las Vegas"because heroes give us hope

"Standing for Anthem wasn't something that I spoke to Colin about Saturday". During the segment, anchor James Brown turned to the anthem debate: "And kneeling, he said?"

- Kaepernick doesn't want to go on camera because he thinks he would be labeled a "distraction" by NFL GMs looking for quarterbacks. The Sporting News had previously reported, "An interesting report about Colin Kaepernick from CBS NFL insider Jason La Canfora on Sunday's "The NFL Today": Kaepernick will stand for the national anthem if an NFL team signs him this season". He also plans to donate the money from his jersey sales to charity.

La Canfora responded, "He's not planning on kneeling".

He also tweeted, "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its trousers on", which he attributed to Winston Churchill.

While the controversy surrounding Pence's departure ensued, reports that Colin Kaepernick, the football player who spearheaded the movement, would sacrifice his beliefs by standing for the anthem for another shot in the NFL started circulating.

Many news outlets that published La Canfora's initial statement, including the Associated Press, later issued corrections.

Over the weekend, a CBS journalist who had interviewed Kaepernick, said the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who now has no team, would end his protest and stand for the playing of the anthem if he was picked up by another outfit.

However, after reports exploded quoting the CBS account, La Canfora took to Twitter to reveal that he had not spoken to Kaepernick about the question. Per La Canfora, he was repeating earlier reports, likely from March when ESPN reported the QB had told others that he'd stand as felt his message on social inequality had already been affirmed. He did so in protest of police violence towards African-Americans around the country.

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