Couple Finds Hidden Cameras in Florida Airbnb, Owner Arrested

Couple in shock after discovering secret camera in Airbnb bedroom

Couple in shock after discovering secret camera in Airbnb bedroom

He had at least 40 reviews but the company chose to ban him after learning about the couple's discovery. This summer, a Korean couple also found a camera hidden in a smoke detector in Japan Airbnb rental, and a Chinese couple found a similar device in a Taiwan Airbnb rental.

An Indiana couple visiting West Coast Florida got a frightening surprise recently at the Airbnb property they were renting. Starnes said he works in the tech world and noticed a black hole on the side of the smoke detector.

Responding officers later seized 'a lot of computer storage data drives, hard drives, computers, laptops [and] SD cards, ' Longboat Key police Lt.

Prior to his arrest, Natt had more than 40 reviews on Airbnb and had been on the home-sharing site for two years, according to WFTS.

The owner of a Florida condo was arrested after some Airbnb guests found hidden cameras that were secretly recording people in multiple rooms, and now police are looking for other possible victims.

'We don't know if there are local victims, someone who may have been dating him or a companion that doesn't realize they are being videotaped, and then we have the other side of who he rented to through Airbnb, ' Bourque said.

A screenshot of the listing 56-year-old Wayne Natt posted on Airbnb advertised a nice, large townhouse, but it never mentioned anything about hidden cameras.

The victim said he knows the camera captured him naked in the master bedroom.

"I think most people would consider that to be an outrageous invasion of privacy", said James Green an attorney for the ACLU in West Palm Beach.

Natt lives in the unit when it's not rented and told investigators the cameras are for his personal use and aren't turned on when guests are there.

Natt said that location of the camera "gave him a better angle", according to Bourque.

People who have stayed at the house located at 623 Cedars Court in Longboat Key, are urged to come forward. Some of the recovered videos date back to 2008.

A spokesperson at Airbnb says they're "outraged" by the accusations and they have permanently banned Natt from using the platform ever again. He has since been released on bail, but may face additional charges. Our team has reached out to local law enforcement to aid them with their investigation of the egregious offense and we hope justice is served. "We take privacy issues extremely seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy against this behavior".

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