First official Indigenous Peoples Day proves satisfying, hopeful

Indigenous Peoples Day in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Grand Rapids

Indigenous Peoples Day in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Grand Rapids

The Aspen Daily News reports council members Monday unanimously approved the resolution implementing the Indigenous Peoples Day, which supporters say would be used as an opportunity to celebrate native cultures.

Celebrating Columbus Day has been controversial since the "70s, but since 1991, reports that dozens of cities, several universities, and a few states have adopted Indigenous Peoples" Day, a holiday that celebrates the history and contributions of Native Americans. Protesters said the Italian explorer should not be celebrated. Special thanks to producer Andre Lewis.

"Columbus obviously had a very negative impact upon indigenous people here in what became the United States". In New York and cities around the country, the holiday has changed. The only way we can move forward on this fragile planet is if we all learn how to live in sustainable and peaceful ways.

John Antonelli participated in Monday's Indigenous Peoples' Day march.

The university's one-of-a-kind Native American center allows Missoulians who want to educate themselves on indigenous people to come to the campus and visit the building. That's ridiculous. And that's why this is such a big deal, because it's not just a statue, it's not just a day.

Comeau told rallygoers to look at Puerto Rico as an example.

"I think we teach these young children these false narratives today out of fear of losing a part of our national identity", Pitawanakwat said. So, what this tour is, is an alternative narrative to the settler-colonial-imperialist narrative that is offered by the American Museum of Natural History. "Are you indian? I'm like no, I'm an American Indian or I would say Native American". They are the common element that has held us together for the past 25 years. At each stop would be someone stationed who collectively worked on the text that was read aloud, in the text found in the brochure.

O'Farrell, who is a member of the Wyandotte Native American Tribe, led the drive on the City Council to replace Columbus Day and successfully argued that the explorer's connection to brutality and slavery makes him unworthy of celebration. ELIJAH LONDON: My name is Elijah London.

Putra focused his speech on discussion of Columbus Day. Under the act, students expressed support for a day formally acknowledging the experiences of the peoples native to the Americas in place of Columbus Day. They also want official recognition of Indigenous Peoples' Day, and better recruitment of Indigenous students.

Another way to think of Columbus is to think about the mission he took rather than the actions. And in 2017, quite frankly, we're not here for it.

By understanding the real history of this country, it might be naive of me to think that it could evoke compassion and understanding from those who don't support rights for refugees and immigrants who came to the USA the same way nearly every other person who chose to come here did (not everyone got a choice). One-sided depictions of historical figures do a disservice to our understanding of the past, as they're inaccurate by definition, regardless of which side you pick.

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