Florida Deputy Caught Stealing Medicines From Elderly Man's Home

A Palm Beach Sheriff's deputy was arrested Thursday after he was caught on surveillance video breaking into the home of a recently deceased man

A Palm Beach Sheriff's deputy was arrested Thursday after he was caught on surveillance video breaking into the home of a recently deceased man

Deputy Jason Cooke, pictured on video allegedly stealing from a deceased man's home, resigned from the Palm Beach Sheriff's Department on Wednesday.

Cooke - who is said to have taken money, jewelry and medication - is charged with burglary and grand theft with a firearm.

Jason Cooke was caught on surveillance video breaking into an 85-year-old man's house, after deputies responded and found the homeowner injured.

Rosoff's family said they asked authorities on September 12 to do a welfare check on their father, who was braving the storm alone. He was on the floor of his bedroom, and was assumed to have fallen and hit his head during a power outage that resulted from Hurricane Irma.

The Sun-Sentinel reports it had been just 90 minutes since paramedics took the elderly man from his home when Cooke entered.

Investigators say shortly after the scene cleared, Cooke, who was not on the original call, showed up to the home and went inside.

Surveillance footage, which was released by his family on Tuesday, showed him going through cabinets in the house and putting several items in his pocket.

"In our opinion, had we not had this video, this cop would still be out there posing a threat of danger to the community he swore to protect and committing more crimes".

A family is "outraged and disgusted" after seeing a video of a deputy, in full uniform, rifling through their dead father's kitchen and stealing his prescription medications.

The victim's children said Cooke broke into the home after receiving the garage door entry code over his police radio and then stole money, jewelry and several prescription medications.

Following Cooke's eventual admittance of the crime, he was allowed to enter a drug rehab program before he was arrested, leading the family to believe he received special treatment through his connections on the force.

They went on to say more medication was found in his patrol auto.

The family further said several prescription drugs were found in the officer's patrol auto that didn't belong to him, which lead them to believe he probably also targeted other houses.

Cooke faced court this week where he was placed on house arrest after posting $28,000 bail. The judge decreed that he relinquish all of his weapons and undergo substance abuse treatment.

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