Game Boy Classic Mini Related Trademark Surfaces

Nintendo Gamescom 2017

Nintendo Gamescom 2017

While North American, European, and Australian retailers received the Super NES Classic Edition in late September, the Mini Super Famicom didn't launch until October 5. As it seems, Nintendo took fans' complaints about the unavailability of NES Classic under consideration so their next console is not so limited and hard to find as its predecessor.

Since conquering the threat of bankruptcy by making a spectacular comeback during this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Nintendo is determined to live up to the hype by introducing another console for those who would like to go on a more nostalgic road compared to the futuristic Switch. However, a recent tweet by a Japanese licensing and trademark bot has set off rumours that Nintendo is exploring possibilities of either bringing back the GameBoy or revitalising it for a new generation of players.

"However if you want to get started adding your own Roms to the SNES mini today, this is the only method I am aware of which will allow for this".

The website of the Japan Platform for Patent Information categorises the trademark as relating to "home video game consoles" and "programs for smartphones", as well as more unusual physical manifestations such as "watches" and "necklaces".

If this is the first sign of a Game Boy Classic, then we shouldn't expect it to appear until 2019. Nostalgic games such as "Zombie Ate My Neighbors" is part of the list, aside from those already included in the original and official list. Furthermore, not all games may work properly, especially since it was not officially released by Nintendo.

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