Harvey Weinstein Allegedly Masturbated in Front Of Reporter, Lisa Bloom Resigns

Ashley Judd and 7 other women have come forward with claims of abuse

Ashley Judd and 7 other women have come forward with claims of abuse

The announcements come sexual harassment accusations against Weinstein continue to mount.

President Trump waded into Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment scandal Saturday, saying he's "not at all surprised" by the allegations.

"My understanding is that Mr Weinstein and his board are moving toward an agreement".

Harvey Weinstein said his British fashion designer wife was standing by him "100 per cent" over accusations of sexual harassment as it was reported he is to be suspended from his film company.

In addition, crisis manager Lanny Davis stepped down from Weinstein's team and would no longer be serving him as an adviser, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Bloom, who says she has known Weinstein for about a year since her book "Suspicion Nation" was optioned for a film, defended him this week in an interview with "Good Morning America".

The scandal was pounced on by Republicans because Weinstein has been a major backer of Democrat candidates.

Trump spoke out two days after the New York Times published a bombshell exposé of sexual abuse allegations against the famed producer spanning almost three decades.

Weinstein's then-attorney Lisa Bloom said in a statement that Weinstein "denies numerous accusations as patently false", but he still said that he "bear [s] responsibility for my actions" in an interview to The New York Post on Friday.

Ironically, Trump's comments about Weinstein were made almost one year to the day that an audio tape of him bragging about "grabbing women by the p***y" was leaked.

Shortly after he said his short and sweet piece about Weinstein, he tweeted a farewell and headed off to North Carolina, telling everyone that big progress is being made on many fronts.

Sivan's claims were not previously reported in The New York Times, whose bombshell article Thursday cited actresses Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan as among those whom Weinstein allegedly preyed upon.

"Harvey Weinstein needs to resign from his companies, face his sickness, and go into a long, self-imposed exile", Brzezinski wrote on Twitter. Weinstein has since taken a leave of absence from the company.

Bloom announced earlier Saturday that she was stepping down from her role as Weinstein's adviser.

Bloom has in the past represented women who brought sexual harassment claims against Bill Cosby and the former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly.

Weinstein apologized for his behaviour and acknowledged that it had "caused a lot of pain".

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