If it wasn't clear already, it's now official: Windows phone is dead

Windows 10 Mobile gets its final death sentence

Windows 10 Mobile gets its final death sentence

It is only now that the company has come out and said that the tech-giant will no longer be developing new features or hardware for Windows 10 Mobile.

The information from Microsoft about the Windows Phone comes almost two years after the company chose to move away from its ambitious smartphone project. "But building new features/hw aren't the focus", Belfiore tweeted.

However, the existing users of Windows Phone will only be notified about security updates in routine.

However, users criticized that Windows Mobile lack apps. During the recent Windows 10 Fall Creators Update development phase, it has been obvious Microsoft is no longer working on the mobile experience. Android exploded due to its open sw/hw base, and iOS exploded because of Apple's best-in-class marketing and advertising game. Skype and WhatsApp had also withdrawn their services from phones run on Windows. Even though Microsoft tried to continue its legacy of making it easy to shift between desktop, tablet, and mobile, there weren't just enough apps for the users.

A shortage of apps has always been a problem for Windows Phone and was the biggest reason why it never managed to seriously challenge Android and iOS.

Microsoft appears to have abandoned its smartphone operating system ambitions. The support status for Windows 10 Mobile OS is set for the 11 of June 2019, which is exactly 19 months. Even HP discontinued it's Windows 10 Mobile flagship. The few number of applications have been a disappointment for the users, and that is evident in the fact that there are very few Windows Phone users. Windows Phone's death has been slow and painful, but, as CNET spotted, the head of Microsoft's Windows division finally admitted you shouldn't expect anything more when it comes to Windows Phone. The OS is in maintenance mode, with no focus on new features or hardware, and Microsoft itself recommending competing platforms.

The firm was most recently involved in the smartphone business through its Microsoft Lumia line, which was born out of a takeover of Nokia.

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