Iran FM briefs parliament on Trump's threat to nuclear deal

US opposing ‘whole world’ on nuclear deal

US opposing ‘whole world’ on nuclear deal

President Donald Trump again dismissed the Iran nuclear accord as bad for America, as he prepares to announce a key decision on whether to certify Iran's compliance with it.

Releasing a written statement, Johnson said nuclear treaty with Iran eliminated nuclear threat posed by this country.

If Congress does not act, however, it would leave the agreement in place.

If the US backs out of the nuclear deal, "it won't be our failure at all, but a failure for the other side", Rouhani said, according to state TV. We encourage United States to assess se results in security context.

On or hand, Foreign ministry also reported that Johnson had a phone call yesterday with us and Iranian counterparts, and shared his country's views on nuclear treaty.

May's office said she and Trump spoke late Tuesday and both sides agreed their teams would remain in contact ahead of Trump's decision on the pact.

The Republican chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs committee said on Wednesday the worldwide nuclear deal with Iran should be strictly enforced by Washington working with its allies, but did not call for an end to the agreement.

In a rare case of the United Kingdom publicly pressuring the USA, the British government said Wednesday that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had called Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to underscore British support for the deal.

The agreement, under which Iran agreed to freeze its nuclear programme for 15 years in exchange for sanctions relief, is viewed in Europe as a rare triumph of worldwide diplomacy in the Middle East.

Johnson is expected to meet with Ali Akbar Salihu, president of Iranian Atomic energy institution in London today.

China, France, Russia, Germany, Britain and the European Union all ratified the deal.

If Trump announces the decertification of the Iran nuclear deal, Congress will reportedly have 60 days to re-impose economic sanctions against Iran that were withdrawn following the 2015 agreement.

"We did it out of weakness when actually, we have great strength", said Trump.

Instead, these officials said Trump is more inclined to throw the matter to Congress and push legislators to amend the law that requires the president to certify Iran's compliance every 90 days.

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