Microsoft brings Cortana to Skype

Microsoft brings Cortana to Skype

Microsoft brings Cortana to Skype

Microsoft is starting to roll out Cortana inside of Skype, letting its smart assistant jump into private and group chats to offer assistance in making plans and looking up information.

Skype is about to get a whole lot smarter, thanks to Cortana.

All you need do is add Cortana as a Skype contact - currently, only if you're in the U.S., running Skype on Android and iOS - and Redmond's not-at-all creepy service will scan your text conversations, run it through its AI and offer its suggestions.

We've seen digital assistants being integrated into our conversations with loved ones and colleagues, with the intention of making our lives easier. If you have something on your schedule that you are chatting about with a friend in Skype, Cortana can also recommend setting up a reminder for that event.

AI assistant Cortana is now available on Skype, Microsoft announced today. Once you receive the new Skype update users would need to enable Cortana in Skype by going to Cortana from your chat screen and select Agree.

If you're really, really awkward in Skype text conversations, or you just want someone to think you're paying attention without all that pesky human interaction, you can now get help from Cortana.

Integrations like these are becoming quite common although their usefulness is still up for debate. Plus, some users are uneasy about the obviousness of something that is "always listening" in on a conversation.

At the moment, the Cortana feature in Skype for Android and iOS is only available in the USA; there's no word yet on when it might expand to other countries. No word yet on when it'll expand to other countries.

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