Microsoft Edge now available on Play Store

Microsoft Launcher for Android is now rolling out to all users

Microsoft Launcher for Android is now rolling out to all users

I'm traveling today-I guess I really missed driving between Boston and Pennsylvania, so I'm doing it again for kicks-but I did download Microsoft Edge Preview on Android at a rest area in CT.

Not to be outdone in the ongoing browser war, Microsoft is bringing its Edge browser to Android OS. Today the new app is finally rolling out to the general users while last week Microsoft did update the app only for the beta testers.

If you use the same Microsoft Account in the Microsoft Edge app on Android that you use with Windows 10 then you will be able to push content to those devices.

If you have recently switched to an Android phone, you should check out the Microsoft Launcher on the Google Play Store, the interface is however not as good as WIndows 10 Mobile but the overall experience is much better than any other launcher. Also picking up Continue on PC integration, the launcher puts icons of contacts front and center, making it easier for users to communicate with the people they care about most. Cool as this tool is, only users with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update can enjoy or access it. A week later, the company has made a preview of Edge available on Google Play for customers with Android devices.

If you had signed up to be notified about Microsoft Edge's availability on Android, you may have received an email from the company.

Microsoft Edge Preview for Android offers a range of features that you may have appreciated on its desktop client.

The app is in preview, which means that more features are on the way. Microsoft Edge provided the highest zero-hour protection rate at 81.8%, and over time maintained a 24.2% lead over Chrome.

It seems if the protection of your users is one of their your priorities, it makes a lot more sense to use Edge than Chrome. Now Microsoft is trying to get some user base for Microsoft Edge by releasing it to the 2 most popular mobile operating systems.

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