Middle Earth: Shadow of War File Size For PC and Console

The Headhunter just wants to make a deal

The Headhunter just wants to make a deal

Shadow of War is also available on the PS4 and Xbox One but the install size is rather small on these platforms.

The Xbox One version of Shadow of War is arguably the best value of them all, and potentially the best-looking console version of the game.

In the midst of this game full of bloody orc combat, in between moments of interrogating and decapitating your enemies, you can find words of ancient text and then take those words to regional temples where you may then fill in the blanks.

Shadow of War is soon going to launch within three days and thanks to a tweet from IGN.com's Dan Stapleton, we learn that the file size of the PC version of Monolith Productions's action-adventure title is well 97.7GB. Naturally, the Windows 10 version of the game is limited only by how powerful your gaming PC is. Any decision you make in the game will always be remembered. This was on PS4 Pro, too, so 4K-ready textures are part of the download.

Shadow of War is the sequel to Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and it features a large world map with new invasion mechanics while utilizing the same Nemesis system that has been used in Shadow of Mordor. Well, Shadow of War allows you to import nemesis data from Shadow of Mordor so the battle can continue in the next chapter of Talion's story. The Xbox One version approximates a 65.63 GB download size.

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