Pizza Hut Parka keeps you as warm as a pizza

Pizza Hut new pouch will deliver pies 15 degrees hotter

Pizza Hut new pouch will deliver pies 15 degrees hotter

Yeah, you'll never get your hands on one, but at least it's not like Pizza Hut's other promotions that only give away zany items outside the US.

The delivery pouch, which includes Thinsulate in the first layer, has a PET aluminum radiant barrier layer to reflect the pizza's heat back into the pie, along with layer No. 3 that locks in heat with a pink fiberglass insulation, the release said.

According to the, frankly hilarious, ad (check it out in the clip above), the parka is a goldmine of novelty pizza-inspired features, among them; triple-layer insulation, a literal interior "pizza pocket" (I KNOW), dual Parmesan and red pepper pockets, and a window phone sleeve with a marinara splash guard to protect it while you use it to order more pizza. "The Pizza Parka is going to keep the lucky recipients hot in the same cold-weather elements that our pizzas often endure on the delivery trip from our restaurants to their front doors".

Pizza Hut spent two years looking into the science and ecosystem of the delivery system before it released its new operations. Said Allen. Anyone who orders online between now and the end of the month, will automatically be entered to win a Pizza Parka. It also has a smartphone pocket that you can bash in return for pizzas.

For more information about the new oven HOT delivery system or the limited-edition Pizza Parkas, visit Brands Inc (NYSE:YUM), which owns Pizza Hut, is reportedly addressing this very issue. With easy order options including the Pizza Hut app, mobile site, Facebook and Twitter messenger and Amazon devices, Pizza Hut is committed to providing an easy pizza experience - from order to delivery. The program is rooted in the foundation set by the Pizza Hut BOOK IT!

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