Trial in Kim murder resuming with visit to Malaysian lab

Kim Yo-jong has always been a rising star in North Korea's power circles and was recently given responsibility for developing the leader's cult of personality, she replaced a veteran propaganda chief and had assumed control of "consolidating Kim Jong-un's power" by implementing "idolisation projects", The Guardian reported.

She is now the second woman from Kim Jong Un's family to join the party, after their aunt Kim Kyong Hui, who had been a member of the decision-making body when Kim Jong Il was alive.

Tomorrow, the country will celebrate another national holiday - Party Foundation Day, marking the October 10, 1945 foundation of the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of North Korea. Sorry, but only one thing will work! Kim, also the chairman of the WPK, said Pyongyang's nuclear programme, which has led to multiple missile tests this year as well as the detonation of a hydrogen bomb, was "safeguarding the peace and security in the Korean peninsula and northeast Asia".

Trump's recent tweets on North Korea have prompted questions about whether the president is leaning toward military action.

But Ri Yong Ho, North Korea's Foreign Minister, raised another prospect - that the hermit nation could land a warhead in the Pacific Ocean.

The president has previously said the United States would "totally destroy" North Korea if necessary to protect itself and its allies from Pyongyang's nuclear threats.

The threat was reiterated Friday when a Russian delegation visiting Pyongyang provided unverified reports that a long-range missile test is imminent. Pyongyang conducted its fifth nuclear test on the anniversary of the founding day of North Korea previous year.

The war of words between Mr. Kim and Mr. Trump about the North's advancing nuclear program has also added to tensions and uncertainty in the region.

"Commanders-in-chief and their governments have been addressing to North Korea for twenty-five years, made deals and a huge amount of paid money did not work, agreements were breached before the paint dried up, making the United States negotiators foolish".

The renewed KCNA assassination claim comes as Kim acknowledged the country was faced with "ordeals" under a "stern" situation but claimed that its economy had grown this year despite ever-tighter sanctions.

The move could also mean Kim Jong Un is getting rattled.

"The United States is ready, willing and able".

A Seoul-based think tank run by North Korean defectors have alleged that Kim Yo-jong briefly took charge of the country while her brother was reportedly ill with gout or diabetes in late 2014, CNN reported.

"They have a strategic game plan", Lee said, dismissing the idea that North Korea simply "throws a tantrum" and launches missile tests.

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