Trump appears to admit he can't do much about 'fake news'

Trump Threatens to'Challenge NBC's License

Trump Threatens to'Challenge NBC's License

U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawai'i), Ranking Member of the Senate Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation and the Internet, released the following statement today after President Donald Trump threatened to challenge NBC's broadcast license.

The request was what reportedly led Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to call Trump a "moron". "Not fair to public!"

Editor's note: We've changed the language in this story to clarify that President Trump did not directly threaten to revoke NBC News' license. Trump, Tillerson, and other administration figures reported to have been present at the meeting have refuted the allegation over a dozen times.

During an interview, the President also said that he would have to compare IQ scores with Mr Tillerson if his secretary had actually made the remarks. My money wouldn't be on the president who seems ignorant about the First Amendment, basic U.S. History, or that Puerto Ricans are U.S. taxpayers deserving of full U.S disaster relief support. During its coverage of the Watergate scandal, President Richard Nixon tried to do the same with the Washington Post Co.

Bloomberg News reports that defending the licenses cost the Washington Post more than $1 million and took over 2 years.

And stripping a station of its license is pretty tough.

For the last day, day and a half or so, Donald Trump has been on Twitter threatening media outlets that are critical of his presidency and of him personally.

As he careens down a warpath, Trump, with his attack on National Football League player protests and the press, has so far only hit foundation blocks of our democracy- a free press and free speech, enshrined in the First Amendment.

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