Your Amazon Alexa device can finally tell different voices apart

Amazon Echo Show Price Dropped By $30

Amazon Echo Show Price Dropped By $30

(AMZN) is willing to team up with competitors Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.'sGoogle if it would help improve customers' experience with its Alexa voice-activated virtual assistant, Bloomberg reported citing an executive working on the platform.

The feature is one of the spots where Amazon has been playing catch up with Google, in spite of its multi-year head start.

If you're in the market for a smart speaker, your two biggest choices lie with Amazon's Echo line and Google's Home devices.

When the Amazon Echo Show launched the device cost $230, Amazon has now dropped the price of their Alexa enabled gadget to $200. Thankfully, the company rolled out a new voice recognition update that would allow Alexa to tell the difference between peoples voices. You'll have to repeat ten sentences over to train Alexa that it's your voice.

Amazon tells us that the voice recognition feature will extend across the entire range of Alexa devices, as well as numerous third-party Alexa devices not made by Amazon. At the moment the multiple user support will work with Flash Briefings, shopping, Amazon's Music family plan, and Alexa to Alexa voice calling, but Amazon does plan to add more functionality in the future, with the company promising that Alexa will get smarter the more users use it. If my roommate asks, she'll play different songs that are better-suited to his tastes.

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