A Hitman TV series and two games are in development

Hulu plans to make a Hitman television series with 'John Wick' creator

Hulu plans to make a Hitman television series with 'John Wick' creator

Kolstad wrote the first John Wick movie released in 2014 and he's now penning the third one coming in 2019.

Understandably, that news may make staunch purists panic, but as a lover of both franchises, I'd love to see what Kolstad can bring to Hitman's world.

Kolstad, who wrote the first two critically-acclaimed John Wick films and the upcoming third installment, will serve as an executive producer on the new Hitman series. As of right now though, an actor has yet to be chosen for the role of Agent 47. And just one week after IO Interactive released the Hitman: Game of the Year Edition, Agent 47 got a different kind of contract - a television one.

In a gaming career that's spanned console generations, Agent 47's already killed more people than anyone can reasonably count - and now the Hitman star is preparing to pop up on your TV to show you what assassination-for-hire looks like when no one's holding the controller. The pilot is being written by Derek Kolstad.

There aren't many details on the planned series, though Deadline reports that Hitman will "hew closely to the mythology of the perennially popular video game".

There's no word on when this show will hit Hulu but it's likely a ways off.

Incidentally, Deadline also reports that there are now two Hitman games in development. Two attempts to bring the game into the world of live-action film - Hitman and Hitman: Agent 47 - never saw much success on the big screen.

We'll continue to keep you posted as this story develops.

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