Apple has an AR headset in the pipeline

Because Apple doesn't have a fully operational headset of its own engineers have begun using HTC Vive headsets for

Because Apple doesn't have a fully operational headset of its own engineers have begun using HTC Vive headsets for

And according to a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple may have a full-fledged AR headset in works.

The product is part of several new gadgets being crafted under the T288 code name, Bloomberg said.

Apple engineers are also developing the prototypes of a range of apps for the AR-powered smart headsets. This was an interim step, giving Apple an opportunity to test the technology on an existing product. Referring to challenges creating displays, Chief Design Officer Jony Ive told a tech panel last month that "there are certain ideas that we have and we are waiting for the technology to catch up with the idea".

Apple's hope is to squeeze its graphics processors, AI chip and CPU into a smaller, one-size-fits-all package, akin to what it has done for the Apple Watch, the Bloomberg article stated. The company is designing the SoC itself and the new operating system is internally dubbed rOS for "reality operating system". In addition to rOS, the headset could run a chip of its own. Formerly software manager for Appple, Geoff Stahl, is one of the directors of the rOS department. The company is also prototyping several applications such as texting to board meetings and more.

The headset is likely to come with support for the AppStore which means users will be allowed to download and install apps like on iOS. ARKit-developed apps so far have seen success reaching the consumer market via the App Store. Apple's engineer's team is using HTC Vice headsets for testing.

The new AR glasses would be interacted with through head gestures, voice commands that you'd use Siri with, or a touchscreen-based remote. The report also claims that Apple will release a new version of ARKit in 2018 that will pave the way for developers to begin building experiences that could target this device. The two companies said at the time that the investment was meant to support Corning's research and development as well as capital equipment needs and glass processing capabilities.

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