Google Maps new UI and icons make it easier to use

Google Maps updated w/ new icon & color system that better highlights points of interest

Google Maps updated w/ new icon & color system that better highlights points of interest

Also, Maps has been updated to sync coherently with Google Calendar and your mail.

Google Maps will modify according to your needs. The driving, navigation, transit, and explore maps have gotten a refresh so that important information is shown more clearly. To that end, Google is giving Maps a fresh look that adapts to your travel methods and what you're looking for.

First up, you will be able to easily identify different places with a new colour scheme on Google Maps. Places like a cafe, mosque, museum or hospital will have a designated color and icon, making it easier to find such type of destination on the map. For example, you might see a focus on gas stations in the navigation map, and train stations under transit. You can see those new color options just below.

Food and drink is now colored orange; shopping remains blue; pink is health; seafoam green is entertainment and leisure; green is for outdoor; and lighter blue is for transport. You might want to print it out, cut it out, memorize it, and swallow it. Google Maps will now show new updates happening around a user including closing of a road, opening and closing time of a business and local events.

Maps' new coat of paint will arrive over the next few weeks in every Google app or service that uses the platform, ranging from obvious picks like Android Auto and Google Earth through to secondary uses like Google Assistant and standard searches.

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