How and where to watch the planetary event — Venus-Jupiter conjunction

See Venus and Jupiter get close at dawn on 13 November

See Venus and Jupiter get close at dawn on 13 November

Jupiter will pass Venus in a low but close and spectacular conjunction on early Monday morning, media reports said. The conjunction of these two planets can be seen towards the south east with telescopes as well as naked eye in the sky dome in the eastern horizon.

Venus is known as the brightest planet and it always follows up as the second one and will be "snuggling "with Jupiter".

In the United Kingdom, Venus will rise at 5.56am while Jupiter be visible at 5.58am.

On Monday morning, the two planets will appear to be less than a degree apart from our vantage point on earth according to Even after and before the conjunction the two planets will remain in close proximity of each other.

The distance between the two planets is approximately 416 million kilometers but for this time it will appear like they are orbitting the Sun side by side.

If you miss it, the next conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will be on January 22, 2019, according to In the Sky.

The moon shines along with Venus, glowing in the centre of the image is Venus and, to its right, Jupiter.

Jupiter and Venus, two of the brightest planets in our solar system, will be coming close together for some time before dawn on Monday, November 13.

It is the unusual proximity that will make the event bigger, although Venus will still be 246 million kilometers from Earth, while Jupiter is almost 594 million miles away from us.

The conjunction will be best visible from the country side, away from the light and pollution from the city. Seeing the sun through a telescope or binoculars can cause serious eye Problem without proper sun filters.

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