HTC Vive Introduce New Vive Wave Open Platform

HTC finally makes its standalone VR headset official: Vive Focus on its way

HTC finally makes its standalone VR headset official: Vive Focus on its way

The first announcement was mainly of interest to developers, Vive Wave, an open platform and toolset optimised for VR development for high performance mobile devices was launched.

HTC has announced Vive Focus, a standalone virtual reality headset that eliminates the wires found on the regular HTC Vive.

The HTC Vive Focus was revealed by HTC during the company's Vive Developers Conference in Beijing. The new VR headset also features inside-out positional tracking, so that it is able to track the user's head movements without the need of external sensor.

The HTC Vive Focus features a high-resolution AMOLED screen alongside a Snapdragon 835 VR Platform. It will be released in China only, at least initially, and runs games/apps built on the Vive Wave VR open platform. This type of controller is also similar to what's available to the Samsung Gear VR and the Google Daydream View, as pointed out by Road To VR.

Software developers might also be interested to learn that HTC has announced a partnership with Unity Technologies to enable the one-click publishing of VR content on to Viveport for both PC and mobile developers. However, this standalone VR headset is expected to only hit Asian markets.

The objective of Vive Wave was to provide a unified interface and set of tools for developers to provide content for the HTC Vive Focus, as well as other mobile virtual reality (VR) devices. Only time can tell if the Taiwanese company will bring the Vive Focus to our shore, but there is still hope as the HTC Vive is here so there is a chance the Vive Focus will make an appearance too. So what about the US market?

The Vive Focus itself is created to be a lightweight, easily portable VR option.

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