Is your iPhone X freezing in cold weather?

Mysterious 'green line of death' appears on some iPhone X displays

Mysterious 'green line of death' appears on some iPhone X displays

The latest issue, according to reports on Twitter, Reddit, and 9to5Mac's comment section, appears to be related to crackling and buzzing coming from the earpiece speaker...

iPhone X, Apple's first all-screen smartphone, is finally getting its share of issues and complaints. The traditional problem-solving steps of toggling location services on and off don't seem to work, nor does a fresh software install, Apple Insider reported.

Although the iPhone X has been generally well received, this isn't the only problem that the device has experienced since its launch. Some X owners posted pictures and reporting an issue on social media of a bright green line that runs down the edge of the phone's OLED display.

Apple surely hopes the problem is not widespread, especially as the weather is just starting to get cold in large parts of the country. The iPhone X is also not safe from the drawbacks of such displays. Unfortunately for some iPhone X users, the green line across the display is thick and isn't disappearing by its own. Some users have claimed that it does not go away when the phone is shut off or restored. The company had also informed users that the same OLED display could show blue tints at acute viewing angles and slight visual changes over time. In this instance, it may well be hardware related and only something that can be addressed by taking the faulty device in for a replacement, as at least one user suffering from the problem has been able to do. Apple even cautions folks that using the device in very cold conditions could shorten battery life and cause the device to turn off.

Apple has said that it is aware of the problem when the iPhone X gets cold, adding that it will be fixed in an upcoming update - it was not fixed with the release of iOS 11.1.1.

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