Locker rooms robbed in Bank of Baroda in a dramatic style

Thieves dig 25-foot tunnel to rob bank

Thieves dig 25-foot tunnel to rob bank

In an incident that could ring alarm bells for customers who think their jewellery and valuables are safe inside bank lockers, robbers in Navi Mumbai dug a 25-feet tunnel to enter a Bank of Baroda Juinagar branch.

The theft came to light on Monday when the bank staff went to the locker room and found it in complete disarray, with numerous lockers still open. "The thieves rented out the adjoining shop since May 2017".

Over time, they dug a 25-feet long tunnel to reach the branch's locker room. Around a month ago, Mr. Prasad, who had rented the space from owner Sharad Kothavle, told the owner that he was going to his home town, and two employees would manage the shop in the meantime. The Bank officials were shocked to open the bank only to find the robbery that already happened on Sunday. Of the 224 lockers in the bank, 30 were found broken. In the tunnel, they took support of the pillars and used plywood to ensure that it doesn't fall. "However, there were none inside the locker room to respect the privacy of customers", said Kiran Patil, assistant commissioner of police (Nerul) division.

However, the alarming number of robberies in state-run banks, which many in India still consider a "safer" option as compared to their private banking counterparts, makes availing locker services an unintelligent bet. It is required to be factored in by security agencies manning such banks, said a police officer.

Around 10 police teams are working on the case.

It was reported that the robbers allegedly robbed valuables worth over Rs 40 lakh.

The incident was reported when the bank was reopened on Monday where its staff found several lockers in the treasury room was damaged. The bank had called all its customers and was verifying other records.

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