Mafia 3 runs at 1728p on Xbox One X with improved graphics

Inside Xbox One X Enhanced: The Witcher 3 - Xbox Wire

Inside Xbox One X Enhanced: The Witcher 3 - Xbox Wire

PlayStation 4 Pro will see an "adaptive 4K resolution" whereas the more powerful Xbox One X will seemingly full 4K. We released a PS4 Pro patch for launch past year and continued to improve the game over the course of 2017, so the Pro version represents a big upgrade over the original at launch. Xbox One S, and PS4 Slim can both support HDR, so it would be interesting if the developer leaves them out come December.

These enhancements are set to go live in an update on December 5, alongside the launch of Curse of Osiris and Season Two.

"Sales of the new Xbox One X have been incredible! As the post says: "...we'll be deploying an update to Destiny 2 that will deliver stunning gameplay with high dynamic range (HDR) lighting to these new consoles. Destiny 2's new update will take advantage of Xbox One X's and PS 4 Pro's extra power, Bungie announced in a blog post.

Destiny 2 launched on September 6 for consoles and was immediately praised for its improvements over its predecessor. So, if you're a devout Destiny 2 player, and have upgraded to one of these consoles, you'll soon be able to enjoy the new and improved visuals. This will be an opportunity for you to earn double XP for everything you do with a fellow clan member in your fireteam. The event will end on November 20th, at 10 AM AM Pacific.

If you aren't a fan of teaming up with others, and prefer solo play, Bungie has also confirmed that future Clarion Call events won't require you to play as a clan. If you aren't in a clan, this would be a flawless time to join one.

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