Police chase in Oklahoma

Elusive pickup truck driver in Oklahoma City led police on chase through farmland, backroads

Elusive pickup truck driver in Oklahoma City led police on chase through farmland, backroads

The high-speed chase, which lasted almost three hours, seemed like something out of an action movie and really put officers to the test, CBS2's Maurice DuBois reported.

The truck lost its trailer while going through a field and at one point another vehicle tried to intervene, pulling alongside the truck and blocking it.

Several schools were put on lockdown until police took the driver into custody but not before the driver shared the chase live on social media.

News cameras caught the action as the truck cut through parking lots, squeezed through gates, and crossed double yellow lines, barely missing oncoming traffic. He then got out of the truck and led police on a foot chase. He said he saw the chase on TV, spotted the suspect, and made a decision to follow him.

He continued driving on the rim, leaving crop circles in the fields. That's when someone with a pistol shot out his left rear tire.

The chase got tense when a police vehicle rammed the pickup - nearly sending it into a news van.

Sirens could be heard blaring in the background as the man drives the reportedly stolen truck.

"I was just afraid that if he got back out on the highway he'd probably, you know, he may kill somebody", he added.

Jones noticed the truck on the road Friday morning and called police. That's when police ended it with a stun gun and led the suspect off in handcuffs.

As he tried to make a run for it, an officer managed to reach the suspect and use a taser on him.

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