Ryan murder case: CBI questions Gurugram police about probe botch-up

Ryan murder Accused reveals minute details

Ryan murder Accused reveals minute details

The juvenile, while talking to a team of CBI officials and officers from the Juvenile Justice Board, said on Monday that he was forced by the investigating officers to make the confession.

It was only once the CBI took over the case and dug a little deeper, that the real culprit came into light.

The CBI's arrest of the juvenile had derailed the Haryana Police version of the gory crime which led to the arrest of a school bus conductor, Ashok Kumar.

The Class XI student who was accused in the murder case of Class 2 student Pradyuman Thakur has taken back his confession which he reportedly made before the investigators, sources said.

Pradyuman's parents also confirmed to TOI that the two (Pradyuman and the accused class XI student ) had been going to piano classes for the last two years.

The team, which arrested bus conductor Ashok Kumar and declared him a pedophile, admitted that they made mistakes. However, the Gurugram Police maintained that they had to give up the investigation in an initial phase and they had strictly followed probe procedure and had scrutinized the CCTV footages and other school students and staff members during the probe. They suspect that the knife, which is believed to be the murder weapon, was planted on Kumar.

"There were many clues which a cop won't normally miss". The CBI team which was curious to find out how some major details from the case were not identified by the police who also misinterpreted several clues. Days later, the police arrested a school bus conductor for the murder; he allegedly confessed to killing Pradhyumn.

"The CBI officials/ investigating officer has openly flouted the orders of the board, whereby this board had specifically directed the CBI officials to conduct enquiry of the juvenile delinquent between 10 am to 6 pm during the course of enquiry for three days.The above observations of this board has been clearly been violated by the CBI", he pointed out.

Pradyuman was found inside the toilet of the school with his throat slit on September 8.

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