Tesla Launches PowerBank And Desktop Supercharger Priced At $45

Tesla now Brings Power-Bank for iOS and Android, Worth $45

Tesla now Brings Power-Bank for iOS and Android, Worth $45

On Friday, the automatic electronic auto maker company Tesla now launched a power bank into the platform of iPhones and Android phones with a pricing of $45.

This new power-bank was designed after the Supercharger monument was designed by Tesla Studio, and wouldn't be looking out of place within one of the cars of the EV-maker, according to Engadget.com. Both can be ordered from the Tesla website for $45 each, but seem to be sold out at this moment.

A few days ago, Tesla showed off its upcoming truck, called the Tesla Semi which can travel 800 kilometers on a single electric charge while pulling a full load of 36,000 kilograms. So consumers will purchase it because it is a Tesla product and of course, it will be more reliable and last longer than most of the power banks out there.

The Tesla powerbank comes in retail box.

Tesla has launched a new set of mobile accessories, which are inspired by their motor vehicle lineups. It supports a maximum output of 5V/1.5A which is enough for most of the phone but will not quick charge some phones. The company claims that it uses the same technology that goes into Tesla's electric cars.

The tesla Desktop Supercharger can be used to charge smartphones and other mobile devices. With such capacity, the device can charge an Android smartphone just once, or maybe less in some cases. The concise, powerful package is unsurprising when one takes into account the fact that Tesla owns a Gigafactory that churns out batteries.

The first, and arguably best, accessory is the Desktop Supercharger.

The Telsa Power Bank is priced at $45. As per the company, it has used the same 3D CAD data used to make the actual Supercharger to make the minaturized replica.

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