Tiff with Uber driver costs Dallas County prosecutor her job

Foul-Mouthed State Prosecutor Berates, Threatens Uber Driver

Foul-Mouthed State Prosecutor Berates, Threatens Uber Driver

Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson ordered an investigation into the incident and made a decision to fire Warner. He said Warner refused to give him directions, then accused him of kidnapping her when he missed a turn and verbally and physically abused him.

Despite what may or may not have happened Friday night, Warner was sacked from her job by Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson on Monday afternoon.

The Dallas Morning News ran an audio file it says captures the incident.

The announcement follows an earlier declaration by the District Attorney's Office that it was investigating the incident, part of which had been recorded.

Warner was tearful Tuesday, and said, "I'm very sorry for the language I used".

Warner: We'll wait for the cops. "That was not my intent but you don't treat people that way".

"I didn't want to get her in trouble", Platt told the newspaper before reconsidering and ending the ride by asking Warner to get out.

"Then we'll wait for the cops, Jesus Christ, you're a [expletive] idiot in a stupid [expletive] hat", the passenger continues. Oh my God, you're an idiot. "You had the opportunity to take me home".

After the passenger's behavior continued to worsen, Platt finally ended the Uber ride, asked the woman to get out and eventually called the police. "I mean no harm to her", Mr Platt said. She says "no, make a right here.' I said 'I'm required by Uber to follow the GPS.' She said 'no, make a right here" and she became kinda belligerent. You or me?' I said, 'You know what?

The Assistant Dallas County District Attorney who was recorded arguing with an Uber driver has been fired.

Platt told the Morning News that he was afraid and intimidated by Warner's threats when the police arrived. "I can tell you that not everything he said was true, I never touched him". "But I didn't call the cops". "You're so stupid. I want the cops to come so that they can (expletive) you up". He says, "I'm waiting for the cops". "I'm a district attorney", Warner allegedly told him. She retorts that he's kidnapping her and committing a felony. "As public servants, we represent the people of Dallas County and are examples of justice, professionalism, and ethical behavior both inside and outside of the courtroom. I will not waver on my expectation of the highest integrity for myself or my staff", she said.

Ignoring the driver's demands for her to leave the vehicle, she then told him, "Dude, everything's being reported", adding, "I'm an assistant district attorney so shut the [expletive] up". I felt uncomfortable with the route he was taking me. "@dallasnews @CityOfDallas Horrible human @jody_warner needs to be FIRED for berating and threatening a good human with her self-inflated power and position #scumbag", wrote one woman in a fairly typical post. It should also be noted that Frizell is campaigning to replace Johnson as the next Dallas County District Attorney.

"There's two sides to every event", Schulte tweeted. She hit me on my shoulder. Warner's Klout page says she goes by the nickname "J Mag". But the law enforcement official simply asked him if he "was good" and when Platt reluctantly confirmed that he was, Warner left with the officer in his auto.

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