Walmart orders 15 Tesla Semi electric trucks

Walmart orders 15 Tesla Semi electric trucks

Walmart orders 15 Tesla Semi electric trucks

That goes along with a 500 mile range per charge, at maximum weight at highway speed.

"It will do the quarter mile in 8.9 seconds", Musk said.

Large retailers across North America are jumping on Tesla semi truck pre-orders, with Canadian grocery chain Loblaw now booking 25 trucks, shortly after Wal-Mart placed one for 15 to test them out in the US and Canada. "You'll be able to travel from San Francisco - and back - without recharging".

Tesla reverses and does so to reach a record speed of 400 km/h. It will have a 200 kilowatt hour battery pack and will be able to drive 620 miles on a single charge, Musk said. Customers can reserve a model with a $50,000 deposit.

The money will help a lot as Tesla figures out how to ramp up Model 3 production.

On the other hand, production of the truck is expected to start in 2019. Experts say any electric semi, regardless of size, would be more expensive than diesel counterparts because of the pricey batteries. A few years ago the company unveiled its own hybrid trucks, but now Walmart is ready to test 5 Tesla Semi trucks in the United States and 10 trucks in Canada.

What's more, Arkansas trucking organization J.B. Hunt said it has saved "numerous" tractors that it will convey on the West Coast yet didn't indicate the number.

What do you think about the new Tesla Semi and Tesla Roadster?

At the end of the presentation for the Tesla Semi, the electric truck's rear cargo door opened and revealed a new version of the Tesla Roadster, the first vehicle that was produced by Tesla. Do let us know about these vehicles in the comments section below.

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