Amazon Prime Video Lands On The Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video is now available on Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video is now available on Apple TV

The service, which is available to all Amazon Prime members, was already long overdue when Cook announced it was coming in May of 2017.

The app allows Amazon Prime Video subscribers to watch TV shows and movies from the service using only the fourth-generation Apple TV and the fifth-generation Apple TV 4K.

Seven months since it was first revealed, Amazon has released the much-anticipated Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV. Surprisingly, the app is available for the now-discontinued Apple TV 3 as well.

Amazon Prime Video was supposed to come to Apple TV by this summer, but was delayed for unknown reasons.

"We want our player, our Prime Video player, to be on the device, and we want it to be on the device with acceptable business terms", said Bezos at Code Conference 2016.

Now if only Apple could fix the awful Apple TV remote. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said previous year that the e-commerce giant would not sell Apple's streaming TV box unless his company's Prime Video app could be installed on the Apple device.

You can find the Amazon Prime Video app on iTunes HERE.

If you wish to download the app right now, simply head over to the App Store in tvOS and do a search for Amazon Prime Video. Now that it has all changed today, let's see how things are going to pan out between Apple and Amazon.

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