Arshi wants to be captain

Bigg Boss 11 December 4 full episode written update

Bigg Boss 11 December 4 full episode written update

It will finally be revealed how Arshi became the captain of the house, but she should be lauded for her efforts and being steadfast about her own self in the task. Does Shilpa know that Puneesh, on the other hand, tells Vikas that he wants Arshi to win?

Housemates will resume the task in the next episode. Arshi starts to brainwash Hiten against Vikas. Vikas was also seen talking to Arshi and how he could incorporate her in the top three for the game, but she had serious misgivings about the plan and ended up fighting him too. On the next buzzer, Vikas gets into the parking and Arshi Khan becomes the captain of the house.

Hiten teases them and calls them a young couple.

Meanwhile, Hina told Priyank and Luv that Vikas gets credit for whatever happens in the house. He takes Shilpa out in the garden area and requests her to forgive Arshi, who is also there. Irritated, Arshi says, she does not care about being a captain.

Now, get your calculations clear: Priyank gets Puneesh's doll, Arshi gets Shilpa's doll, Luv gets Vikas's doll, Akash has Hiten's doll, Shilpa has Priyank's pram, Hiten has Hina's pram, Vikas has Arshi's pram, Hina has Akash's doll, and Puneesh has Luv's pram.

Reportedly, Priyank was miffed with Luv for not keeping him as a priority during the captaincy task.

Towards the end of the episode, Akash called Hiten a loser and the latter said that he was just supporting his friend. Puneesh is seen chilling with Vikas and Shilpa. But Priyank is heard telling Hina that he won't fulfil his promise as Puneesh had earlier broken his promise by making Vikas the captain.

He even tells Luv that the two are not friends anymore and that Tyagi should rather maintain distance from him.

All said and done, they are pathetic baby-sitters! Arshi comes and asks Shilpa to get lost. The day began with housemates taunting Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde over their camaraderie that could not make Vikas save the actor from nominations on Monday. Shilpa refuses and Arshi starts hurling abuses.

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