Chester Bennington Toxicology Report Shows Alcohol & Ecstasy in Linkin Park Singer's System

NEWS     Chester Bennington's tox screen showed 'presumptive positive' for drugs     
       What that means

NEWS Chester Bennington's tox screen showed 'presumptive positive' for drugs What that means

TMZ have obtained Chester Bennington's autopsy and toxicology report, revealing that ecstasy and alcohol were present in the body of the late singer on the night of his passing. TMZ reported in October that nearly the entirety of his estate will be passed down to Talinda and his children, three of whom he shared with her and three from previous marriages. In addition to those two substances, authorities also found a prescription bottle of Zolpidem, which is a generic sleeping aid, on his dresser. There was also a pint glass of Corona, which was less than half full - and an empty bottle of Stella Artois.

'Autopsy results are characteristic of suicidal hanging, ' reads the report from the LA County Medical Examiner.

Police found pieces of fingernail underneath his iPhone and on a table in the bedroom. The toxicology report from his autopsy was revealed on December 5, more than five months after his death, and it reveals what was in his blood stream at the time that he took his own life.

It's been five months since Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington died via suicide. "We don't know how much [he drank], but it doesn't take much when you're that advanced an alcoholic and an addict and you're battling to the extent he described to me", he said.

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