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Metro School is Taking Advantage of 'Computer Science Education Week'

Metro School is Taking Advantage of 'Computer Science Education Week'

By learning code, students can unlock those things which computers and technology can do, and empower young people with the skills to utilise technology to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

"We wanted to build on the work of as well as the success of our own robotics program launched earlier this year", Edelblut said. Meanwhile, the state of Arkansas announced that it will be dedicating $500,000 to the creation of a first-of-its-kind stipend program for existing K-8 teachers in the state who are interested in receiving training to teach computer science.

It's also been recognised that teaching code provides learners with stimulating mental exercises which support cognitive development, and help students develop skills which are essential for the 21st century, such as complex problem solving skills, critical thinking skills and creativity.

In conjunction with the funding announcement, also highlighted a slew of new commitments from cities and states that have pledged to increase their investments in computer science education.

Students studying computer skills in Jakarta, Indonesia, November 10, 2017. Hour of Code is a worldwide initiative put on by to encourage elementary school kids to learn how to code for one hour during "Computer Science Week".

Microsoft will host two Hour of Code events with Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS). Meadowbrook Elementary students took part in "Hour of Coding". There are all sorts of workshops happening - at my local store, aspiring coders can learn the basics of the Swift programming language, design a maze and navigate Star Wars droids through obstacles, and bring robots to life using the Swift Playgrounds iPad app.

"If only 1 percent of the girls actively learning on continued past high school, they'd outnumber the gender gap in university CS", Partovi said.

Courses like Computer Sciences are still an elective in Ontario High Schools, something this provinces Minister of Education, Mitzie Hunter says she's reviewing.

So far, more than 2,300 students and 100 teachers statewide have been actively participating in the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition.

Some economists argue that pushing for more coding classes only addresses one component of a broader shortage in tech skills.

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