Fiction-Like Memoir On Trump's Campaign: Would Public Believe Ex Aides?

Trump's Love of Fast Food and Four Other Key Revelations From New Book

Trump's Love of Fast Food and Four Other Key Revelations From New Book

Mr Reince Priebus, who served as White House chief of staff for Mr Trump before he was ousted after six months, had said during the presidential campaign previous year that Republicans were abandoning their candidate, Mr Trump, like flies.

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski reveals an intense, often bare-knuckled yet successful 2016 White House bid, fueled by McDonald's fast-food and lots of ego, in his forthcoming book "Let Trump be Trump".

Donald Trump's eating habits are well known.

"I don't even know why that's of interest today".

Trump apparently added: 'I'm a pro at life.

With all his hectic schedule and possibly dozens of chefs at his disposal, US President Donald Trump still loves his fast food. "The orchestrating and timing of Mr. Trump's meals was as important as any other aspect of his march to the presidency", the authors write, according to the Post. Lewandowski and Bossie also said Trump's plane was always stocked with snack items like Vienna Fingers and potato chips, as well as Oreos.

The tape - in which Trump boasts that he he can grab women by the genitals because he is so rich and famous - was unearthed a month before the 2016 election and almost cost him the election as voters panned the president for bragging about getting away with sexual misconduct. One McDonald's chow-down involved "two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish, and a chocolate malted".

Trump is well-known for his appreciation of fast food, and reportedly used to have his bodyguard and confidante Keith Schiller run to McDonald's in the mornings during his campaign to grab him Egg McMuffins.

The now-president's fixation on television is also evident in Bossie and Lewandowski's book, which describes Trump as screaming, "I'll go on TV anytime I goddam f*cking want and you won't say another f*cking word about me!" following chairman Paul Manafort's suggestion that he stop appearing on the Sunday shows.

Although the authors of Let Trump Be Trump seem to take pains to paint a "largely admiring portrait" of Trump, they still reveal details that illustrate how "a cast of mostly neophyte political aides learn on the fly and ultimately accept Trump's propensity to go angrily off message".

- Then-campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks steaming Trump's suit trousers on the plane - while he wore them. "She'd steam the jacket first and then sit in a chair in front of him and steam his trousers".

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