Google bans Android apps that sneak in ads on your phone's lockscreen

Google Play Android

Google Play Android

Google has just launched a new app called Datally, and it promises to save on mobile data bills.

Google is rolling out a number of changes created to protect users on Android.

Android: Whether they're front and centre or lurking behind the scenes, almost every app is taking a nibble (or a huge bite) out of your mobile data.

Developers in both Google Play and non-Play app markets have to abide by these new guidelines on handling user data and disclosure.

This year, Google's editors have named some of their favourite apps and titles of 2017 that may not have ranked among this year's most popular titles.

The app helps users keep tabs on their data usage, broken down by the hour of the day, or segregated by apps. These lists are made for different categories including apps, games, movies, tv shows, and more. Or the app also provides a big red button that will let users to cut data off of all apps save for the one now in use. The app also offers personalized recommendations and tips on how to trim down data consumption. Google designed Datally to help users see their mobile data usage patterns via graphs and usage highlights so they are better informed on how to save on their data bills.

Similarly, the app will enable users to have individual control over data consumed by each app, and shut it off as well if needed. "It's like a speedometer for your data", Google described the feature. It will also be recommending ways in cutting down the data usage that's based on your usage activity and will suggest you nearby connections on Wi-Fi for your phone to be connected.

Applications that handle phone numbers, emails, and other personal data will be required to prompt users ahead of time and provide a privacy policy.

One of the disadvantages of Android being an open operating system is that app developers can pretty much mess with the core experience in any way they want.

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