Lawmakers honor Pennsylvania Pearl Harbor survivors

Historic Ships In Baltimore Hosts Annual Pearl Harbor Ceremony

Historic Ships In Baltimore Hosts Annual Pearl Harbor Ceremony

He said he's still alive because he happened to be on the ship's starboard side.

"This memorial is used exclusively for Pearl Harbor remembrance", Barca said.

"It was 16 million people in uniform, and a lot of people sacrificed their lives for World War II", said Bell.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, is located near the center of the Pacific Ocean, roughly 2,000 miles from the us mainland and about 4,000 miles from Japan.

"We honor you today, and every day, even though 76 years have gone by", Massachusetts Secretary of Veterans' Services Francisco Ureña told the survivors.

He said returning to Pearl Harbor for the anniversary of the attack makes him feel special because he's one of the few remaining survivors.

"Instead of retreating from the fight, America's Pacific Fleet dug in its heels", Swift said.

"No flashback or anything like that, I could just look where we were tied up and said, well I was lucky".

President Trump then went around the room, addressing each veteran.

"We have to take our remembrance of what happened with this unprovoked attack on December 7 and relate to what happened on 9/11 - an unprovoked attack", Jindrich said while calling for mutual respect of countries, cultures and each other.

After he finished, Casey, Johnson, and Arsenault tossed the wreaths made of red, white, and blue flowers off the bow of the Cassin Young and into the calm waters below, as the USS Constitution fired a salute to honor those who died 76 years ago. "Along the way, they forged a cultural heritage of resilience that sailors continue to draw upon today".

More than 2,400 Americans died in the attack - including several dozen civilians - and almost 1,200 were wounded.

The event was orchestrated by the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Navy Memorial Foundation.

"That we are not forgotten and that some people do appreciate us and what we have done", said Baker. Most of the Arizona's fallen are entombed in the battleship, which lies at the bottom of the harbor. Pearl Harbor is a US naval base near Honolulu, Hawaii, and the scene of that devastating surprise attack. Our military fought a great fight, and we were victorious.

Alston said the atomic bombs were necessary during World War II.

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