Manchester Bombing Could Have Been Avoided, MI5 Planned To Reinvestigate Salman Abedi



The reports says Manchester bomber Salman Abedi wasn't being actively investigated when he detonated a suicide device, although he had been scrutinized in the past.

Anderson, a former independent reviewer of terror legislation in the United Kingdom, said: "Despite elevated threat levels, the fundamentals are sound and the great majority of attacks continue to be thwarted".

David Anderson QC, the former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, said the "true significance" of Salman Abedi, who carried out the ISIS-linked mass atrocity, "was not appreciated at the time".

A meeting was due to be held to discuss the potential threat on May 31 - nine days after the attack on the Manchester Arena.

Anderson said that MI5 was able to prevent nine terror attacks in Britain this year, and 22 since 2013, but that improvements outlined in the internal reports needed to happen.

"[The investigation] continued to varying degrees until the day of the attack, it did not reveal the plans or Khuram Butt and his two co-conspirators", read the report.

The report found that Abedi, 22, who was born in Manchester to Libyan parents, had first become an MI5 "subject of interest" in 2014, but his case was closed after he was mistaken for someone else, the Telegraph reported.

"It is not the objective of the internal reviews, or of this report, to cast or apportion blame".

The Manchester terror attack - which claimed the life of Sheffield woman Kelly Brewster - might have been prevented if different decisions had been made by MI5, a report has found.

In a Commons statement, home secretary Amber Rudd said: "In early 2017, MI5 nonetheless received intelligence on [Abedi], which was assessed as not being related to terrorism".

It also said that Masood had scoped out the area in the days before the attack both in person and online and browsed for terrorism videos on YouTube.

Parker said that intelligence regarding Abedi was thought to involve possible gang activity rather than terrorism, admitting that Abedi should have been stopped at the airport when he returned to the United Kingdom from Libya.

A review three of six attackers "were on MI5's radar".

Butt was the "principal subject" of an MI5 probe called Operation Hawthorn that "opened in mid-2015 following information suggesting that he aspired to conduct an attack on the United Kingdom", according to the Telegraph.

"After four such incidents over a short period, unsparing reflection was required".

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