Michael Flynn Vowed to End Russia Sanctions, According to Whistleblower

Whistleblower: At inauguration, Flynn texted on nuclear plan

Whistleblower: At inauguration, Flynn texted on nuclear plan

At some point before President Trump's inauguration, disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn assured an ex-business partner that economic sanctions against Russian Federation would be "ripped up" as soon as the new administration entered the White House, according to documents made public on Wednesday.

The whistleblower alleged that the businessman boasted about the contents of the text from Flynn, calling it "the best day of my life", according to a detailed account of the alleged incident laid out in a letter from Rep.

"During their conversation, Mr. Copson informed the whistleblower that he "just got this text message" from General Flynn saying that the project - "involving a joint partnership between the United States and Russian Federation relating to the energy sector in the Middle East" - was "good to go".

Cummings, the House Oversight Committee's top-ranking Democrat, relayed these points and others in a letter to Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina).

"I believe the American people want Congress to hold President Trump and his administration accountable", Cummings wrote, "and they are exhausted of Republicans in Congress putting their heads in the sand when faced with credible allegations of grave abuses". The texts were timestamped as being sent just as President Trump was delivering his Inaugural Address, the whistleblower said. He then claimed Flynn had texted him "to tell others involved in the nuclear project to continue developing their plans", which were "going to make a lot of very wealthy people" once the Russian Federation sanctions were "ripped up".

Cummings said the whistleblower contacted his office in June 2017 to describe events that occurred at an event in Washington, DC, on Inauguration Day. The Wall Street Journal reported in September that despite records showing Flynn's work on the project ended in December 2016, Flynn continued promoting the plan to colleagues inside the White House. Robert Kelner, an attorney representing Flynn, declined to comment. "I am going to celebrate today".

"This is going to make a lot of very wealthy people", Mr. Copson said.

Copson is the managing partner of ACU Strategic Partners.

The whistleblower noted the time of the message, 12:11 pm-during Trump's inaugural speech, but didn't read the content. Copson told the whistleblower, "Mike has been putting everything in place for us". Efforts to reach Copson were unsuccessful. Prosecutors "asked my office to hold on the public release of this information until they completed certain investigative steps", Cummings wrote. Flynn originally told the Federal Bureau of Investigation that the issue of sanctions had not come up in his conversation.

The letter from Cummings concluded with a request to issue subpoenas for "all documents and communications referring or relating" to Flynn's foreign contacts during the Trump campaign, the transition period and his brief time as national security adviser.

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