Sahly: Net neutrality helps small businesses, is worth saving

Net neutrality protests to take place across St. Joseph County

Net neutrality protests to take place across St. Joseph County

The FCC is expected to vote on 14 December to scrap landmark 2015 rules approved during the Obama administration to ensure a free and open internet. Without some unexpected change, the principle of an equal internet is likely in its final days.

There's also an oft-repeated canard against net neutrality making the rounds. Sen.

The issue at hand is Net Neutrality. While many of these comments were spam or came from form letters, 98.5 percent of the unique comments were opposed to the agencies new bill. If you have to rely on e-commerce, which numerous studies show businesses increasingly are, it's hard to sell your product when your website speed is throttled down.

Of the two ways the vote could be stopped-the first being one of three FCC board members votes no, the second being the vote is blocked by the US Senate- Shasserre said the latter is more likely. Internet service providers, such as AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon, must treat all data on the Internet the same.

Massive companies and everyday Americans alike support net neutrality, which begs the question: Why is the FCC now on track to dismantle it? Constituents have once again been sold out by their representatives who chose to appoint Pai and continue to allow him to continue to act unchecked. So, no, the speed of your MRI does not depend on how many people are or aren't looking at porn, which is a good thing because there are a lot of them. "I am outraged that our republican democracy is failing at correctly representing the people's interests at the behest of big business", said freshman finance major Matthew Low.

"We believe [the proposal] will result in material negative consequences for residents and businesses nation-wide, including: abusive gatekeeper behavior by dominant broadband providers, many of whom already have a de facto monopoly on Internet access in specific regions, paid prioritization schemes, whereby ISPs charge more to access certain sites or apps and blocking or throttling (which is the intentional slowing down of) specific content, resulting in a less competitive and diverse marketplace", said Madigan. The move could very well turn the internet we know and love upside down.

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