Was Divya right about Priyank 'cheating on women' in reality TV shows?

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 67 LIVE updates

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 67 LIVE updates

Akash alleges that Arshi was being arrogant because of her captaincy. Shilpa, of course, clarified to the housemates that she was only a little dazed when Arshi's father called her Hina. She also imitates "Mastermind" Vikas and makes fun of Vikas and Hiten's friendship.

In tonight's episode Hina Khan's boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal will enter the house. Everything was fine. But then, after meeting a "frozen" Hina, he realised that he had actually delivered the line prepared for Hina to Shilpa, as he got confused. Both laugh out loud. Before Bigg Boss 11, Hina would refrain from speaking about her private life and never admitted to her relationship in public.

As the contestants are ordered to freeze, Puneesh's dad enters the house. Priyank couldn't explain his side of the story as he along with all the contestants were in a statue position. Puneesh breaks down on seeing his father and says that Shilpa Shinde is his "darling" and Akash is like a brother to him.

He further met every contestant in person and praised them for their gaming strategy. All of them are asked to freeze again.

Everybody appears excited and their happiness knows no bounds thinking about their family members visiting them. Before leaving, he took Arshi to a corner and told her to add some variations in her appearance and make-up. The lady went straight to Priyank and the first line she uttered was "Remember me?"

After he left, Arshi blamed Shilpa for giving her father weird looks. He advices her change her look by changing her hairstyle and opt for a pony tail.

Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan indulged into a heated argument. "Fake toh nahi tha, at least mere side se nahi", says Divya as she struggles to maintain her composure. She orders the housemates to behave. Shilpa tells Puneesh this was uncalled for and Arshi was just over thinking. Thursday night, Shilpa's mother entered the house and left nearly everyone in tears with her warmth and good wishes. She asks Luv his age and he tells her he's 23. He storms out of the living areaShilpa is disgusted with Arshi and keeps looking at her and that irritates Arshi. While all the housemates gathered to greet Shilpa's mother, Arshi went to the kitchen. Shilpa's mother's entry made nearly every contestant teary eyed. As Shilpa's mother walks out of the house, Shilpa is released and she runs towards her mother and jokingly tells her that she talks way too much.

Over the past few weeks, Divya had been vocal about her thoughts on Priyank's behaviour on the show. Shilpa introduces her mother to everyone and shows her the house. She advised them to be kind to each other. Vikas complains about Shilpa to her in a fun way. On the second day of the captaincy task, Hina Khan got miffed with Hiten Tejwani for supporting Vikas Gupta.

While most are happy with their surprise, Priyank is in for a shock as his close friend Divya Agarwal pays him a visit. She started off with "Remember Me" but ended up crying in front of him and saying that he has hurt a lot of girls including her. After her exit, viewers saw Luv Tyagi getting angry at Divya's comments about Priyank not needing a group in the house. And this was the main reason why Divya parted ways with Priyank.

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