Whatsapp may soon allow group admins the power to restrict messages

WhatsApp's new update 'restricted groups' Feature will give more power to Admin

WhatsApp's new update 'restricted groups' Feature will give more power to Admin

After activating the setting of "Restricted Groups" feature, other members will be able to read the message in the group but they will not be able to send anything. And now it seems the Facebook-owned company is planning to add a few new functionalities to closed chat communities.

The new setting can only be activated by the group admins.

All these features for groups are disabled by default, so it's normal if you don't see them updating the app. This can be useful when group admins wish to make an announcement or discuss something important.

The problem has become so big that in some instances police and law enforcement agencies have issued notifications that they will hold the WhatsApp group administrators responsible if unlawful messages, videos or pictures are shared in a group. All the other group members have to take approval from the admin before submitting any post.

The Restricted Groups feature may not solve the problems associated with WhatsApp groups but it may give enough power to group administrators to contain the misinformation.

After activation of these "Restricted Group" settings, the other members will be able to view the messages but unable to respond any. Another thing is that administrators can chose the members allowed to modify the subject, icon and the description of the group.

With over 1.2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is available in more than 50 different languages around the world and in 10 Indian languages. The participant will then be able to type the message and it will be sent to the admin.

Moreover, WhatsApp has a wide range of enhanced and improved features, bug fixes and general up gradations.

· Participants can use a new Search feature to quickly search other participants. With this, if the admin wishes, they he/she can stop group members from posting messages, photos, videos, GIFs, documents and voice messages to the group.

Whatsapp recently rolled out the "delete messages for everyone" feature that will let users revoke messages in case they are sent to the wrong person or group.

This will help the group creator to have the full control of the group.

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