CES 2018: All the highlights from the International Consumer Electronics Show

CES 2018: Get ready for yet more (yes more) smart devices

CES 2018: Get ready for yet more (yes more) smart devices

CES is the largest electronics show in North America and is routinely the launch pad for new technology products. The technology show is covering 2.7 million square feet in Las Vegas and is scheduled to run until Friday. Past breakouts include everything from an automatic wireless breast pump to virtual reality headsets, while other much-hyped debuts are still trying to make their good on their promises.

Steve Koenig, senior director of market research for the Consumer Technology Association said "Coming out of CES, we're going to clearly have established that voice is going to be the go-to user interface, Wherever we go or whatever we're doing, we're going to have some form of digital assistant at our side ready to help us". "This is a global issue - not just within the technology sector - all industries and our society at large can and must do better". In turn, that can give viewers a first-person view of the finished product.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world's biggest technology show, where numerous world's biggest tech firms gather in Las Vegas to show off their visions of the future and set the tone for the innovative year ahead.

When CES rolls around every year, there are the inevitable slew of launches from consumer technology firms, eager to make a splash at the show with the largest TV, the smartest appliance, the most innovative auto.

On Tuesday, Chengdong Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, is scheduled to talk about his company's work on "future connectivity" and its impact on artificial intelligence, the IoT, and smart devices (Jan. 9, 2pm in the Tech West Center, Venetian Hotel, Level 5, Palazzo Ballroom). For 2018, it's clear that trend is only getting bigger, especially now that Google has had a full year under its belt and a chance to push out another round of AI-powered devices. Other new dedicated areas are focused on smart cities, high-tech retail, and sports technology.

The power went out on Wednesday at CES, the giant tech conference taking place in Las Vegas this week.

According to a report published by BBC News, smart goggles that greatly augment vision will also be introduced during CES. Its Eureka Park exhibition space, once a small corner of the main event, has grown significantly in size over a short period of time.

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