Intel CEO addresses Spectre and Meltdown bugs at CES keynote

Intel Addresses the Elephant in the Room
CEO starts the Intel briefing the right way

Intel Addresses the Elephant in the Room CEO starts the Intel briefing the right way

Intel has also signed a partnership with Ferrari North America that will see the Ferrari Challenge motorsport event using its Xeon processors and deep learning technology to collect and stream video from the event, as well as mine the resulting data for insights.

Krzanich brought the presentation to a close with a light show powered by 100 Shooting Star Mini drones, which do not depend upon Global Positioning System for navigation. Josh Walden, head of Intel's new technology group will actually join Culbertson together with Steve Smith, Intel VP and GM of its data center engineering group. The company's emergence in this area is no surprise, given it bought Mobileye, an autonomous auto software firm, for $15 billion previous year, but Intel seems to be making progress, demonstrating a auto with 12 cameras and a 180-degree field of view, letting the vehicle "see" up to 300 metres ahead.

"Data is the foundation of innovation", Krzanich said, as he outlined Intel's vision for technology.

The power of data is going to change a lot of things we do in the coming years.

News reports that more than $20 million in share sales by Krzanich were scheduled in October of a year ago before the company made public that its processors were vulnerable to hackers are "troubling", Senators Jack Reed and John Kennedy wrote in Tuesday letters to the Securities Exchange Commission and the Justice Department. The chipmaker is counting on that future to provide renewed growth as Intel's established markets, PCs and laptops, settle into long-term decline.

When Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO, took the stage he had one option really; address the issue.

Intel's new Immersive Media technology will give viewers the choice they have never had, of watching from any angle they want, and from any perspective.

Intel's CEO also announced that the company has shipped the first 49-qubit quantum computing test chip to its partner QuTech.

Their goal is to use data to develop and deliver the most realistic content possible.

As part of this, Intel announced an "exploratory partnership" with Paramount Pictures, with the latter company's chair Jim Gianopulos saying that such technology is "the key to our future" in the creation of a new form of entertainment.

Whether or not you think flying cars will become a legitimate mode of transport, everyone is in love with the idea.

During the announcement, Intel unveiled the advancements made in the field of neuromorphic research. "It is a step toward quantum supremacy - a point at which quantum computers far and away surpass the world's best supercomputers", he said.

At the end of the evening, Krzanich brought a "Volocopter" on stage, an autonomous helicopter little bigger than a vehicle, which uses Intel technology to navigate through the air.

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