Italian watchdog opens investigation into Apple, Samsung over planned obsolescence allegations

Italy probes Apple and Samsung over claims they shortened product lives

Italy probes Apple and Samsung over claims they shortened product lives

Italy's antitrust authority has launched a probe on Samsung Electronics Co. of South Korea and Apple Inc. of the United States on suspicions that the two tech giants slowed down their older model smartphones intentionally to induce users to buy new ones.

If Italy's antitrust investigation yields anything that finds the companies guilty, they could each face fines in the range of "multi-million euros" for infringing on four separate articles of Italy's national consumer code.

Joining several other parties in doing so, an anti-trust body in Italy today announced that it has opened a probe into Apple over allegations of planned obsolescence. Consumers worldwide are filing lawsuits against the US firm.

It's no surprise that AGCM is casting its critical eye over Apple, as the company confirmed previous year confirmed that it throttles the performance of older iPhone models with degraded batteries, a move which has already lead to questioning from Chinese, French and U.S. authorities.

When Apple first admitted that it had throttled the CPU on iPhone models beginning with the iPhone 6, many thought that Apple was taking a cue from the auto industry and was using planned obsolescence to "force" current iPhone users to update to the latest handsets. "We will tell somebody we're slightly reducing your performance by some amount in order to not have a sudden restart, and if you don't want it you can turn it off".

"Samsung does not provide the software updates to reduce the product performance over the life cycle of the device". The cause of the lowered performance in Samsungs case is not clear.

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