Japanese Kayaker Banned Eight Years For Lacing Rival's Drink Before Drug Test

Japanese kayaker banned eight years for lacing rival's drink

Japanese kayaker banned eight years for lacing rival's drink

At least that's what we're assuming after it was revealed Yasuhiro Suzuki had spiked the drink of his rival, Komatsu, with an anabolic steroid, causing Komatsu to fail a drug test past year after the national championships. Suzuki then admitted he drugged his fellow competitor, thinking otherwise, he could not win.

He added a banned muscle-strengthening substance to a drink belonging to a 25-year-old rival at the national championship last September.

A canoe sprinter who failed a drug screening after a teammate spiked his drink with an anabolic steroid said Wednesday he had nearly given up on competing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics following the test result.

The Japan Canoe Federation has restored Komatsu's records that were stripped after the disqualification and reversed Komatsu's suspension from the sport, ESPN reported.

Japan's first case of an athlete failing a doping test due to deliberate contamination has left authorities scrambling to find an appropriate response. It has recommended Suzuki's expulsion from the federation. "I didn't think that such a problem could occur between two teammates", Shoken Narita, the federation's head, told a Tokyo news conference. "I did it as I thought he would overwhelm me".

"It is extremely regrettable", Japan Sports Agency commissioner Daichi Suzuki was quoted as saying by Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

Unfortunately it's not the first time we've seen this sort of thing in the sporting world, and it probably won't be the last. The federation also found that Suzuki made repeated attempts to sabotage other competitors by such means as stealing equipment used in training and competition.

Japanese sprint kayaker Yasuhiro Suzuki really wanted to make the Olympic team for the 2020 games in Tokoyo.

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