Macron urges Chinese people to "make our planet great again" - in Mandarin

President Macron urged to raise human rights during China visit

President Macron urged to raise human rights during China visit

EDF CEO Jean-Bernard Levy inked the "major contracts" in southern and central China, the company said Tuesday.

"For me, it's critical to be much closer to the Chinese operator". Macron said earlier he hoped to forge a wide-ranging partnership on climate and other issues, though he said that would take time.

"Trying to be competitive as a non-Chinese operator in China is extremely hard because they have a way of operating that is probably more efficient, more agile and lesser cost".

French producers could nonetheless find China a tough market to crack.

Speaking to Chinese and French entrepreneurs at a business park, Macron pointed to France's 30 billion euro ($36 billion) trade deficit with China a year ago and warned it was politically unsustainable.

In light of the US announcing its exit from the Paris climate accord, Macron stressed that China had a major role to play on climate change. A number of business deals and investment plans were reached during the trip.

Yet in their joint statement, released by Xinhua News Agency on Wednesday, Macron and Xi focused on what was already agreed.

Macron, on his first official visit to China as president, promised to return once a year as he seeks to "rebalance" his country's relationship with Beijing.

From an evening dress in deep red, a symbol of good luck in China, to a lovely white coat and blue coat dress, French first lady Brigitte Macron looked the epitome of French chic accompanying her husband, French President Emmanuel Macron, on his state visit to Beijing and Xian this week - while also playing some savvy fashion diplomacy.

"Chairman Mao Zedong and General Charles de Gaulle made a historic decision with remarkable political foresight to forge diplomatic ties in 1964", Mr Xi said as the leaders met at the Diaoyutai state guest house in Beijing.

"After a long situation of asymmetry, we decided several years ago to rebalance".

"We have an access to markets which is unbalanced, unsatisfying", Macron told members of the French and Chinese business community at an event in Beijing, Reuters reported. "It's the right way to get out from the current situation we're in".

Under President Xi, Internet surveillance has come to be practiced on an industrial scale and the Great Firewall keeps 750 million Internet users away from foreign news websites.

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